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On April 13, 2012 the long awaited indie game Fez was released. The goal of the game is to explore the environment, solve puzzles, and collect cubes. The game is a 2d side-scroller living in a 3d environment.

One puzzle stumped players who just couldn't figure out the solution. This project was my contribution to help finding the solution by leveraging the community by attempting all the possible combinations.

Check out my blog post and the press articles for more information.

Blog post
Crowdsourced brute-forcing: how Fez was a coop game for a couple of hours
Source code


Ars Technica
Practically impossible: The quest to decipher Fez‘s cryptic final puzzle
One player even developed a De Brujin graph Web application to drive collaborative testing of tens of thousands of possible solutions.
Ridiculously Obscure "Black Monolith" in Fez Rallies Gamers To A Group Effort
In the midst of some seemingly trolling solutions found online, one group effort is born. Gamers are standing in the middle of the "1" square (only viewable in first-person mode) in the monolith room and inputing various codes for verification. If this brute force method is successful, participants will indicate so on the recently created website in the hopes that an answer will reveal itself by process of elimination.
FEZ Secrets and Mysteries - FEZ Monolith Room Revealed!